Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bensimon- C'est la mode

So chic, so cool, so FRENCH!  Bensimon sneakers are the French girls' answer to our Chuck Taylors. A must own for all of you Francophiles out there! They are infinitely cool with a slim silhouette and antique lived-in feel that is decidedly feminine. With a canvas upper and rubber sole they are not only chic but über comfy.  They come in a barrage of colors and prints available and in 4 main styles: (1) la tennis lacets (2) la tennis élastique (3) la ballerine (ballet flat) and (4) la tennis montante (high rise). There is even an entire blog dedicated the the brand! Check out The Bensimon Girls. (PS.. The lovely, Joanna Goddard,  recently did a post on them too!)

PS I recently bought a pair of Tennis Lacets from a sample sale website, size 38 (fits like a size 7/7.5) in taupe...
Sadly, they are too small on me and I cannot return. Therefore, I am regretfully selling these lovelies without even having had the chance to take them for a stroll.  They are brand new, never worn and in the original plastic Bensimon bag. I am willing to sell for $35 or $40 with shipping. Click to see the same version I'm selling at Shopbop. Comment below or send me a message if you are seriously interested!
Bonne Chance!
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