Friday, March 9, 2012

Geode Gilt

Browsing HauteLook today I came across a sale featuring beautiful jewelry by  Nina Nguyen. Her pieces are made of raw gemstones and geodes. They reminded me of a hobby of mine from childhood. Ever since I can remember my dad has always had a fascination with geode, this is a love that he passed on to me. I could tell you the difference between igneous vs sedimentary and quartz vs calcites. (I know.. I was am a nerd.) I became obsessed with collecting rocks and stones and wondering what sparkly formations were inside. Once time on vacation we even went to a stone quarry where we chose a whole geode and got to watch them halve and polish the crystals inside. Discovering the beautiful  insides of a seemingly regular rock was incredible. Anywho... Nina's jewelry reminded me of my childhood love and showed me that there are new and "grown-up" ways to rock a geode. Here are a few more of her lovely pieces. What do you think? Would you wear geodes?
**Images via HauteLook**
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