Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back in Action- A little Fashion Week

Its been months my dear ones.. Please forgive me, I have been lazy. I promise to bring you new posts from now on in a timely manner! Anywho, today we will ease into things with a quick snap from one of my top pics from the recent Giorgio Armani 2012 Fall RTW show in Milan. I almost died when I saw this outfit... the fedora, the coral, the cowl neck!!! Too much to handle. **breathe** **breathe** As much as I yearn for Spring to be here, this collection makes wish it were Fall! See the entire collection over at NY Magazine.
Which designer or piece has caught your fancy!? Please share!
**Image via The Cut**

Happy Leap Day! Treat today as the extra gift it is and do something new/rare!
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