Thursday, April 21, 2011

Live to Dream: Nirrimi Hakanson

What did you do as a teenager to make some extra money... babysit, mow lawns, work retail?
At only 18 years old, Nirrimi Hakanson is an award winning photographer who already has a national ad campaign under her belt. A native of North Queensland,  she picked up her first camera at 13 and was signed to an agency by 16. Whether shooting for brands such as Diesel or taking pictures of her sister and friends in her homeland, Nirrimi's images are vibrant with rich textures and yet they exude a soulfulness. Of her work Nirrimi says "Photography took my hands and led me to a personal paradise at age thirteen, and I’ve been self-taught and seeing life through a lens since. My aspirations are heaven high and my potential and dedication higher still. I have a peculiar vision of beauty- I see beautiful where others don’t think to look and I capture it all so they do. I want to be shooting for Vogue before I’ve even reached adulthood. Can you imagine? I am really just an artist who spends more time dreaming than living and wants to finally live!" 
I can't wait for to see where Nirrimi's talent will take her in her career... Keep an eye out for this one! At the pace she has been working, she is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Here are a few of her breathtaking images... For more check out her portfolio, flickr or blog

Diesel Ad Campaign
Hakanson for Diesel

 ***All images by Nirrimi Hakanson***

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  1. Great inspiration pictures!!

  2. just looking through some different blogs and I came across yours...those pictures are absolutley beautiful. I think I will have to come back to have a look again!