Friday, September 4, 2009

Look- A- Like of the day!

First of all... sorry for the lack of updates in the past few.. months. Oooops! Work/ life has been hectic. But now onto the fun stuff!!!

On today's agenda: a beautiful bag.. perfect for any season... especially fall and winter.. if you know me I am partial to BIG bags. I have been lusting over the Foley + Corinna Reversible Mid City Tote for some time now. It's simple, chic and multi-faceted... You can carry it by the handle or fold over the top and use the arm strap And!!!! it's reversible.. one side is leather the other side is suede. PRETTY! Needless to say the $485 price tag put a screeching halt to my dreams.

... but then I came across an eerily similar bag at Newport News for a fraction of the cost.. normally.. $49 on sale for $39

Deja Vu anyone!?! Sadly there is no suede and not real leather.. but if it's the look that you are going for this is definitely a winner!!!!! Hmmm should I buy it?! Or wait to see if the price drops even further... I think I'm just being spoiled now......

***UPDATE 12/4/09***
The trickle down effect is in full swing! Today I spotted the Roxy Never Far Bag on sale for $34.99 originally $48.50 on .... eerily similar design don't you think!

Update 12/8/09 has a dark gold version of the City Tote on sale for $340. I never thought about owning a gold bag.. but hey.. Why Not? It certainly can be just as neutral as a black or beige bag. And certainly more punchy!
PS... they also have it in a clutch version for $311

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