Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just a POP of Lichtenstein

Drowning Girl 1963
Andy Warhol may be one of the most famous artists of the Pop-Art genre but Roy Lichtenstein is my personal favorite. His works are reminiscent of comic books excerpts with cheeky quotes and captions.  Some of my favorite classes at university were my Art History classes. Now that it has been... (well a fair number of years since college) I haven't seen his works in a long time and today I came across this awesome print sale on My Habit (an Amazon partner). They have curated a pretty great sampling of his works and are super affordable.
What do you think? Who's your favorite artist or favorite piece of work?
Kiss V 1964
Ohhh... Alright... 1964
Thinking of Him 1963
 These two aren't available for purchase but are some of my favorites!
La Cara (The Face/Head) in Barcelona 1992
Whaam! 1963

Happy Wednesday!
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