Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trickle Trickle Trickle Down

Wedding dresses will now be sold at COSTCO. 
Yes, you heard me right. I did in fact say Costco. From Alexander McQueen & Rodarte for Target to Jimmy Choo for H&M--  design houses collaborating with conglomerate reseller chains is all the rage. The idea of mixing high with low and bringing once only fathomable pieces to a more budget friendly setting is old hat, but the newest collaboration is.. well... ODD (or ingenious. You decide). California based wedding dress designer, Kirstie Kelly will be designing a collection of six gowns, sized 2-24, and will range from $650- $1400 (the designer's other collection can range up to $4000). In an industry which last year produced a revenue of $2 billion, perhaps it's not such a far fetched idea to have an already popular retail chain jump into the wedding game. Having shopped at a Costco before and seen the table of clothes in the middle of a vast warehouse with no mirrors or dressing rooms. One is left to think... wouldn't shopping for a wedding gown in a bulk store detract from the intimate nature of the act. Au contraire mon ami, apparently they have thought of everything. The selected Costco stores will be erecting temporary enclosed salons complete with changing rooms, lounge areas and bridal consultants. What is that you say... you would like to see this spectacle?! Sadly, for now only those of us in Southern California will get to partake. But who knows... if all goes well perhaps bridal salons will hit all mainstream Costcos throughout the states.
And now.. a sneak peek the Kirstie Kelly Signature Collection for Costco:
*** All images via Kirstie Kelly Couture***
Happy Almost Friday!


  1. Do you think that they sell four dresses in a pack at Costco?!

    (I am trying to make some joke about bulk, but I can't think of a way to be clever about it...)

  2. My dear Tracy,
    From all that I have researched on the issue they will NOT in fact make you purchase in bulk!! haha however.... if you are a serial dater or feel like you may have multiple weddings in the future.. you may just want to stock up! =)