Friday, March 27, 2009

Boots for all seasons

So I am completely and utterly addicted to boots. Living in the Chicagoland area has created a boot-loving monster out of me. They are the most reasonable and versatile piece of footwear for well... pretty much September through May. I love and own all sorts of boots.. flats, furry, chunky heeled, stiletto, galoshes, knee high, ginormous 100 lb (feeling) Colombia snow boots. Although it is now "spring" in Chicago and yes I put the phrase spring in quotations as it is supposed to snow this lovely weekend in the end of MARCH/ beginning of April. I recently squealed with delight when I scored a deal for a new pair of beautiful knee high black leather Corsair boots. The best part about it was that they had one pair of these lovely shoes left and they were exactly my size 8.5 anddddd they were on sale for $40 normally $178. Why they were on sale in store when they aren't online, I dont know and I don't care!

So during my daily internet browsings I have come across the rampant popularity of the workman-esque lace up black heeled boots. I have been considering buying this style for a while but many times the price tag comes between me and my fantasies. But then I saw these!

On sale for $18.99 you can't go wrong. Now I must seriously consider how these will blend with my current wardrobe. Time to daydream some more... If only I had the wardrobe matching system in the world of Clueless......

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